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Not going to lie, jealousy has me very messed up right now. I see these drawings and faces all over his arms and I’m sitting on the sidelines waiting to see if it’s a threat or not. I’m mostly jealous because they can connect with him a lot better than I do nowadays. To take the time to draw on someone. My dumb ass looks into every detail of the situation… flirting? Then I picture the giggles and hair flips and it breaks my heart. But fuck it. I’ll smoke till I don’t care about whatever it is again. But it’ll come back.


Legendary trio chibi cx  I need this on a shirt id kill for it ;o;

If only. I would watch this show stoned as hell. 

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This took me absolutely too long. And yes, I rotoscoped over the once ler because this was my favorite part of ‘How Bad Can I Be?’ Now you can have a Warden shooting rainbows and rocking out on your blog. :3