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I know everyone has to feel crazy sometimes. Right now I feel fucking insane. Like so insane that I could jump out of a moving car just because. Or like.. one of those spur of the moment killing yourself type deals. Not saying I’m going to kill myself. But normally when I feel this crazy it’s when I am contemplating suicide.


I love so many people. When they are hurting I try my damnedest to help. But I think I help too much. Maybe the comforting shit I spit out does more bad than good. Maybe that’s what people think.. that it’s bullshit? But I mean it. I just want everyone to feel happy like I don’t. Please just let everyone be fucking happy.


I’m stupid. I don’t think shit through. Or atleast I do but not well enough. I’m so scattered and I’m thinking about one thing before the other but backwards. How do I make sense of this shit? I don’t fucking know. I just don’t..


We aren’t on the same page here. I’ve fucked up completely and you’ve accepted me back but I seek forgiveness. I need to know that you love me because if I were you I wouldn’t. Help me. I need to understand how you feel and I need to fix everything completely.


Do you not understand how this makes me feel. I hardly see you as much as they do on a day to day basis. It rips me apart. Makes my blood boil and I feel hot. Then freezes it where it flows and I feel cold. I’m paranoid. I’m scared. You apologised because you said what you wanted me to hear. You lied. You obviously couldn’t care less. I’m ignorant to what goes on. I am sitting at home with nothing to do while you live it up and be cute in precious little high school. Fuck it all. I won’t care anymore, again. I’ll stop caring and I hope you notice and I hope it hurts you as much as caring hurt me.


Not going to lie, jealousy has me very messed up right now. I see these drawings and faces all over his arms and I’m sitting on the sidelines waiting to see if it’s a threat or not. I’m mostly jealous because they can connect with him a lot better than I do nowadays. To take the time to draw on someone. My dumb ass looks into every detail of the situation… flirting? Then I picture the giggles and hair flips and it breaks my heart. But fuck it. I’ll smoke till I don’t care about whatever it is again. But it’ll come back.


Legendary trio chibi cx  I need this on a shirt id kill for it ;o;

If only. I would watch this show stoned as hell. 

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